Trinkets, Tchotchkes, Geegaw and Swag. Really?

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Are advertising specialties (aka promotional products) the Rodney Dangerfield of integrated marketing? Not really. But with so many disparaging nicknames, it’s easy to forget just how much impact, value, cheer and goodwill promotional products can add to a campaign or event.

The fact is that advertising specialties is a multi-billion industry, trusted and relied upon by the world’s most successful brands and agencies. When a campaign calls for a memorable and tactile execution, offering great value and affordable cost-per impression, promotional products usually top the list.

Versatile, Flexible, Cost Effective
But for many integrated marketers the real appeal of advertising specialty products is their creative flexibility and versatility. An experienced promotional products consultant can help you develop a virtually unlimited number of ideas and executions to support external and internal marketing programs, such as:

  • Brand building and awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Account acquisition and retention
  • Goodwill and “thank you” programs
  • New product/service introductions
  • Employee appreciation
  • Service awards
  • Internal promotions
  • Sales recognition

What to Look For
As with most service companies, quality, selection, support and experience can vary widely among ad specialty providers. Whether you choose an established, nationally known provider or a small boutique, remember that their job is to help you select promotional products that:

  • Fit your strategy and creative concept
  • Work within your budget
  • Appeal to your target audience
  • Strategically align with your company image
  • Offer strong “half-life” usability long after the campaign or event

For more advice and tips on developing better promotional products campaigns, use this handy checklist.

Advertising specialties, by any other name, remain essential tools in the integrated marketer’s toolbox. A well-conceived campaign, supported by an experienced consultant or provider, can help you generate leads, drive traffic, create goodwill, and leave an impression that lasts for years.  Remember that the next time you’re tempted to call it “geegaw.”

Last modified: July 17, 2017