Do You Have the Killer Instinct to Compete in Video?

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A 2015 report from Syndacast found that 74% of all internet traffic by 2017 will be video, and 52% of marketing professionals find video is the tactic with the best ROI. Data like this means integrated marketers must update their video production game to thump the competition.

A recent article from Content Marketing Institute (CMI) gives five tips to help you make sure your videos get the attention they deserve.

Don’t End Up on the SEO Ropes

CMI advises you to go into production armed with the keywords and phrases that best suit semantic and subject searches for your content. Sticking to the 68-character web Page Title limit will also hook viewers and help you rank well with Google.

Provide a Play-by-Play

Google bots can’t read visual content but they do index text. A video with a transcript increases engagement and improves search results. This article offers tips for making your video stand out when going toe-to-toe with your rivals. Captioning videos also helps differentiate your company and expand your reach.

Strike with (Platform) Accuracy

Every video platform has unique features, requirements and metrics—as well as an optimal video length. This handy guide can help you keep track of it all. One additional point that may mean the difference between amateur and heavyweight status: each service allows brands to go the distance by posting natively.

Spar Regularly

As we posted recently, today’s integrated marketer should interact with those who like or share your content. Ask questions, start conversations, be collaborative. Not only does this provide an opportunity to connect with viewers, but to share other content in support of the discussion.

The Main Event

Every integrated marketer knows that analytics can be overwhelming. For the sake of your sanity and strategy look beyond video views to understand what the data is telling you. A recent look at video marketing success metrics encourages analyzing how often videos were played in their entirety (brand recall); how often people clicked on videos (increased web traffic); and how content resonated with viewers through social sharing.

To ensure that you don’t suffer a TKO, take control of video planning and production: train thoroughly, believe you can triumph, and let instinct take over once you’ve entered the ring.

Last modified: September 21, 2017