Is Video the Missing Link in Your Sales Funnel?

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In a recently released state-of-video-marketing post, Adam Hayes of Wyzowl shares that video marketing continues its rise to prominence. Among the survey’s findings:

-81% of businesses are into video marketing — up sharply from the survey’s 2017 results, which stood at 63%.

-A remarkable 99% of businesses using video plan to stick with it this year.

-And 97% of marketers claim that video increases user understanding of their product or service.

These impressive stats suggest an obvious question: What’s the best, most profitable way to use video? An increasing number of companies are discovering that video can play a pivotal role in a sales funnel. In a great introduction to building a video sales funnel, Social Media Examiner presents one way to get started.

  1. Your sales video: Problem-solving meets storytelling.

To create a video that produces results, Social Media Examiner suggests beginning with the basics, as in: How does your product or service solve your customer’s problem? With your strategy in hand, craft an engaging story around it. Your video doesn’t have to be a fancy, high-budget production. But it should speak to your customers’ wants, needs and concerns. Also remember that while a sales video can entertain, its purpose is to drive sales. Show customers what you want them to do, include a call to action — and don’t be afraid to ask for the order.

  1. Automate your funnel from top to bottom.

To automate your sales video and social media, assemble an optimized landing page. Keep it straightforward and streamlined. Include a benefit-oriented headline. The offer depends on your goals, and what you’re selling.

Maybe you want to test a free resource when someone opts in. Perhaps you’ll provide an option to purchase the product. Whatever you do, keep it simple and make your offer stand out.

The next steps in funnel automation are to turn your sales video into a Facebook video ad, and to leverage retargeting to appeal to people who’ve seen your message but haven’t yet acted upon it.  Social Media Examiner notes that when customers “leave the sales process, it doesn’t mean they don’t want your product or service. It’s up to you to remind consumers of the solution that you’re providing.”

  1. Review metrics to see how you are doing.

Is your sales funnel working? Look to your metrics, which include everything from landing page views to social media shares, retargeted sales and much more. If you haven’t reached or exceeded sales goals, adjust your strategies and test them.

Connect with the video/social media advantage.

Industry analysts suggest that audiences are 10 times more likely to get involved when you feature video content versus text-heavy blogs or social posts. So integrate video into your sales funnel — and get leads and sales flowing your way.

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Last modified: June 11, 2018