Five Ways Online Storefronts Make Your Company More Competitive

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In an age of e-this and social-that, it’s easy to forget that many businesses still rely on traditional printed materials to market their products and services.

True, websites have become today’s de-facto marketing medium. And flashy new pad-style computers can invigorate even the most pedestrian sales presentation.

But in the trenches, today’s sales pros still use brochures, sell sheets, direct mail and other key marketing and sales support materials to land, close and nurture new accounts.

Of course, those who routinely use printed materials continually seek ways to create and produce them better, faster and more efficiently—which may explain why companies large and small are leveraging the benefits of online storefronts.

Web to Print 

An online storefront (aka Web to Print) is a browser-based Web application that links digital, print-ready versions of company marketing collateral to a pre-determined print-production and delivery environment. Typically, your team (or your printer’s) will design and upload material templates, which can then be accessed, edited and output on-demand by authorized users to a nearby printing facility. The technology even allows for personalized variable output.

Coming into its Own…Again

When online storefronts came onto the scene a few years ago, print buyers and marketers were all atwitter, knowing that it was the all-in-one printing-marketing-personalization solution they’d been waiting for. And, more recently enthusiasm has spiked, largely because more and more vendors and businesses are clearer on the technology’s considerable upside, which includes:

  • Lower costs—through reduced print waste, material inventory and storage costs
  • Strategic flexibility—companies can print the quantities they want and accurately track costs, ordering and usage through a convenient online dashboard
  • Greater convenience—materials are managed and produced via a secure web portal, so marketing teams can order materials anytime, 24/7
  • Rapid delivery and deployment—W2P can cost-efficiently equip geographically dispersed teams for fast-emerging marketplace changes or opportunities
  • Brand integrity and stewardship—pre-defined templates ensure visual consistent, and keep remote offices or individuals from playing fast-and-loose with corporate branding standards

An experienced print-service provider can help you tailor a customized, cost-effective online storefront for a range of printed/integrated marketing materials, such as:

  • Brochures
  • Direct mailers
  • Sell sheets / fliers
  • Business cards / stationery
  • Posters
  • Catalogs

Have you ever used an online storefront for your business?

Last modified: July 17, 2017