What the Fashion Industry Can Teach You About Using Interactive Signage to Delight Your Customers

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If someone says “high fashion” and your mind immediately goes to Zoolander’s Blue Steel, you’re not alone. But for all of its ridiculousness, the fashion world is setting trends that integrated marketers should pay attention to: especially if they want to get their own cash registers ringing.

A handful of fashion leaders are getting truly innovative with the deployment of touchscreens and interactive signage in the retail environment. These fresh ideas aren’t industry-specific, and can be scaled to different sized stores and budgets. Here are three that stand out:

Catering to the Customer

When you walk into longtime retail innovator Rebecca Minkoff’s flagship boutique you’ll notice a huge, branded video wall, which, in addition to promoting the label’s new wares, invites customers to interact with it to order a drink or get help from an employee. Besides having smart dressing room mirrors, customers can also check themselves out. As a customer, you can direct the exact level of assistance you want—or you can be in and out of the store in five minutes, without having to speak to a sales person.

Truly Personalized Selling

Luxury retail jeweler Monica Rich Kosann’s ingenious use of touchscreens helps the brand deliver on its promise of high-end service while streamlining the showroom floor: the monitors don’t replace sales people, but instead, the store’s representatives use the screens to assist with personalized selling, display options from the company’s inventory that aren’t currently on the floor, and show how a piece will look once it’s been customized.

Never Miss a Sale

New York & Company went the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em route” and uses touchscreen interactivity to make their bricks and mortar shopping experience more like the online shopping experience. They use kiosks to allow customers to see all of their offerings, including online exclusives, and the customer can even pay and have the merchandise shipped directly to their home. The customer can choose her own adventure, and the store never misses a sale.

The Season’s Hottest Accessory for an Integrated Marketing Plan

Even if the bells and whistles vary from store to store, the philosophy is the same: delight the customer by making it easy (and fun!) to get exactly what they want. For integrated marketers in the retail space, here’s some can’t-miss reading that will help you do just that.

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Last modified: September 21, 2017