Create Signage Your Customers Can’t Ignore

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Burma-Shave did it in the 1950s and ‘60s, and you can, too.

The once-iconic shaving cream brand posted signs seen by people driving through long stretches of boring desert or other unchanging landscapes, according to Kare Anderson, small-business trends reporter and author of “LikeABILITY, Make Yourself Memorable and SmartPartnering.”

“The sequence of signs had progressive rhyming lines to pull people into the message,” she said.

That’s just one of the signage tips she offers small-to-midsize marketers. Her goal is to help you create eye-catching messages that attract rather than annoy possible customers. Here are other ways:

1. Because movement always attracts attention, add an outside banner or sign on a pole that moves with the wind.

2. Become known for displaying a catchy saying in the same place.

3. Create your own “reality TV” show by video local notables (the mayor, popular civic figures, well-known local authors, sports columnist, etc.) and other attention-getting people using or discussing your product/service, and display it in your business.

But don’t stop there. Find out about the signage trends that point to digital and interactive experience.

Last modified: July 17, 2017