Usher in the Golden Age of Marketing: 5 Can’t-Miss Marketing Trends for 2018

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The timely alliance of big data, marketing technology (martech), storytelling and the customer experience has led many to dub this time period as marketing’s new golden age. To live up to such a bold claim means integrated marketers need to remain ever-vigilant of the hottest and most significant trends to hit the industry. MarketingProfs has given us their predictions for the top five trends for 2018—a must-have for savvy marketers everywhere.

Context is More Stimulating Than Cash
How you communicate is more valuable than your advertising budget. Real-time insights into data points such as buyer location and behavior allows marketers to adapt to audience needs, capitalizing on context—that is, marketing the right thing, at the right time, to the right people. Businesses can empower consumers by focusing on those customer interests and needs.

Have a Purpose
Consumers are looking for more from a business than a product or service – they want to know that the company is invested in their employees and community. This is particularly true for the rising Generation Z population (born between 1995-2012). A recent study of consumers in this demographic finds that more than 80% believe companies should fund charitable work and incorporate purpose across the organization, so much so that they will particularly seek out those types of companies when doing business.

Communication is a Two-Way Street
Today’s businesses interact more directly with users than ever before—consider the rapid response rate of social media. By making promotions participatory, users and SMBs work together to craft messaging, building a clear two-way communication plan instead of one driven exclusively by business. These improved connections encourage business and community connections.

Grow Your Automation Systems
When marketing automation tools were first introduced, they were added to a marketer’s arsenal one by one. Nowadays, some marketers may have integrated a dozen or more tools to manage email, data, applications, and the many moving parts of campaign management. This scaled infrastructure increases marketing intelligence, reach, processing power, and capabilities, leading to greater opportunities for building strong customer experiences.

Prepare for More Chatbots
The rise in machine learning and AI has led to an increased use of chatbots for offloading some of the customer service needs of business. The algorithms of the AI behind chatbots make it possible to offer 24/7 service to those using chat systems. It can field questions, help with online engagement, audience interaction and respond with answers quickly and easily. In the same way that people prefer text over phone interaction, over 70% of consumers would prefer to engage via chat.

The Takeaways
Modern marketing is more unified, personalized, socially-aware, contextual and participatory than ever before. The integrated marketers who embrace this brave new world now will enjoy the greatest success. By taking into account MarketingProfs five predictions, marketers will find a whole slew of new possibilities in 2018.

Last modified: January 25, 2018

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