Smart Devices for Busy People Wearable Technology Promotions: Who, When, How

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The only thing truly able to compete with today’s prospects’ insatiable need for technology is their desire for convenience. Wearable smart devices bring the two together for those individuals who are interested in getting their information right now. From smart watches to fitness trackers, intelligent eyeglasses and clothing, wearable cameras and all manner of monitoring systems, wearable technology is emerging as one of the most popular promotional itemson the market.

Wearable technology collects data about users, including metrics like heart rate or location. It may display notifications, connect to other mobile devices, or provide a quick way to gather environmental data. The wearables market is undergoing extensive growth, with some projecting that the market could be worth more than $150B each year by 2027. An outgrowth of prevailing market trends like mobile, personalization and location-based marketing, the applications appear endless, as does demand. In order to reap the rewards of this boom, it is important to consider the following strategic business areas.

Always Do Your Audience Research
There is a lot of buzz surrounding wearable technology just now, but it’s important to ensure that wearable promo items would be useful to your own audience. While the field is of great interest widely, some demographics may prefer health-related smartwatches and activity trackers, while others are happy with more mainstream items like wireless headphones. In a market expected to become the best-selling consumer electronics field after smartphones, and which International Data Corporation (IDC) expects to reach more than 213 billion units sold by 2020, the onus is still on organizations to ensure a good fit for their own prospects.

Consider Your Different Audiences
Your promo market may extend beyond the events you attend to your own employees, and thus the types of wearables you may wish to purchase may be just as variable. While integrated marketers may plan to target event audiences with big-splash, high-ticket wearables, an organization may also want to think about augmenting health benefit packages with devices for employees, such as trackers that encourage fitness or water consumption. On the other hand, your organization may want to explore more task-oriented devices for improving job performance or other real-world needs.  

Prepare for Demand
Keep a watchful eye on the vagaries of demand in this field. While it is unlikely that the overall market is likely to disappear anytime soon, wise integrated marketers will keep tabs on interest levels for particular types of devices—while businesses should prepare to support audience demand, they also don’t want to end up with out-of-date/uninteresting technology. It is perhaps best to consider pursuing or maintaining a combination of dependable standards, as well as more innovative, engaging devices.

Wearable technology combines useful capabilities with exciting, modern packaging and buzz. It translates across most industries and is appealing to the masses. For these reasons, it is a natural fit for most business’ promotional programs. If integrated marketers carefully analyze prospective interest, as well as staying on top of market swings and shifts, it could prove to be a real feather in the cap of organizations looking to stand out from the crowd at a conference, or seeking to be recognized for their outstanding employee offerings. 

Last modified: April 25, 2018

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