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Seven Steps to Stronger Video Scripts

Producing videos in-house?  Then you probably know the importance of having a decent camera and microphone, how to optimize your videos, and how to prevent “floating head syndrome.” But do...more

geo targeting

Hitting Your Geo Target: A Four-Point Checklist

As with archery, geo-targeting is more complex than one might first assume. After all, anyone can pick up a bow and arrow, but the likelihood of hitting the gold (center...more

Businesspeople at exhibition

Don’t Miss These 4 Types of Essential Tradeshow Signage

So you’ve put together a great tradeshow booth. Congratulations! But don’t get too comfortable just yet: it’s not, “If you build it, they will come.” Integrated marketers must give convention-goers...more

blogging for business

5 Can’t Fail Blog Ideas for When You Hit a Creative Wall

It can be tough for integrated marketers to admit they’re out of creative juices, but it happens to all of us: you’re sitting there staring at a blank page (or...more

big data

Marketing Big Data: What Do You Really Need to Know?

Big data is big business (and getting bigger). It is also necessary for integrated marketers who want to understand campaign and business performance in order to make knowledgeable, informed decisions....more

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