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Testing Direct Marketing for Better Insights (and Better Campaigns)

Whether you use direct mail, email or both, testing and refinement can help to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. Most direct marketing managers are compulsive about testing, and for...more


Infographics: grab readers’ eyeballs and pour your story in

Imagine hiring a stunningly attractive spokesperson to talk about your company—one whose appearance and delivery are so alluring, so riveting, that no one—clients, prospects, media, competitors—can tear their eyes away...more


SEO Made Simple: Understanding Keywords

To effectively optimize your website to help it get found by search engines, it helps to understand how search engines work. Search engines send automated programs, called robots, that “crawl”...more


Direct Mail and Email: It’s Not One or The Other

Even in our digital age, direct mail and email play important roles in an integrated marketing campaign. Direct mail is a perfect partner to email communications; it conveys a quick...more


Time to Go Psycho

According to a news article in Target Marketing, 41% of consumers said they would consider ending a brand relationship because of irrelevant marketing—and 22% already have. Paper mail is estimated...more

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