Five Ways to A Winning Intranet that Engages and Empowers Employees

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The most essential and valuable part of your brand isn’t your logo or your e-commerce site: it’s your employees. A robust and well-designed intranet can go a long way toward informing, educating, and empowering employees and internal stakeholders, yet it’s not always top-of-mind with integrated marketers. Well, it’s time to make it a priority and with these five tips, it’s easy to rev up your internal web presence.

  1. Give & Get

Obviously, you need to provide engaging, relevant content or else no one will bother to read it. But that’s only one side of the conversation! Good intranet sites are a two-way street, which means soliciting input and feedback from users. Surveys, forums and features that invite users to chime in will keep eyeballs on the page for longer, and you can use the answers to create a better experience.

  1. You Can’t Beat Simplicity

Save your JavaScript and Flash bells and whistles for your consumer-facing site and keep your intranet as simple (but visually pleasing) as possible. Think about all the different people who may be using it – as well as the devices and Internet connections they’ll be using. Strive to create a uniform, responsive site that’s optimized for mobile.

  1. Monitor Your Internal Metrics

To help course-correct and see what’s working, check out the same kind of metrics you’d use to judge the success of an outward-facing campaign: How long were users on the intranet and how many pages did they visit? How many actions did they take—for example, did they click on a call to action to sign up for a new program or an event?

  1. Promote Your Site

If you’re going to the trouble and expense to put up, or spruce up, an intranet site, make sure employees know where they can find it and what they can expect. Use the same kind of tactics you’d use to boost traffic to an external-facing site: direct mail, email marketing, internal signage, newsletters, flyers or even an announcement from the company CEO.

  1. Remember All Of Your Best Practices

Integrated marketers can take all of their genius skills and put them to work! The intranet site shouldn’t be much different from other external-facing communications: it should have all the hallmarks of your company’s brand and provide real value to its audience.

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Last modified: October 9, 2017