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Calls to Action That Will Make Your Audience Click, Convert, and Come Back For More

As an integrated marketer, you’re a master of words who can conjugate like nobody’s business and you probably know a thousand ways to say “quality.” Well, forgot about them. Effective...more

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Color on The Web: Its Many Shades of Meaning

Content is king. You’ve heard it declared ad nauseam. And no marketer worth his salt would dare to disagree. But what about other equally royal elements that comprise the user...more

Designer working at new mobile applications

Avoid These 3 Website Design Fads to Keep Conversion Rates High

Change is good and your website design must evolve to accommodate emerging user preferences and technology. But, says Website Magazine, integrated marketers seeking to modernize shouldn’t be swayed by these...more

website design

Does Your Website Stand Out…or Just Fit In?

It’s 2017 and the minimum standard for website design is “good.” As an integrated marketer, you know that your website is much more than a place for people to check...more

Statistics show that we are getting better and better

Hamburger Menus, Cinemagraphs and Other 2016 Web Design Trends

The New Year is here, along with fresh prognostications about trends and techniques that will shape the look, performance and response of websites in the months ahead. Over the years,...more

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7 Top Content Marketing Trends for 2016

2016 is expected to mark a new era for content marketing, and integrated marketers who want to stay ahead of the competition will need to be ready. According to Jayson...more

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What Customers Expect From Small Business Websites

It’s no surprise that consumers generally prefer to shop from local/small businesses, given the choice. But what may be news to some integrated marketers is that shoppers also expect those...more

Flipping A Stack of Money

The Small-Business Website Cost Conundrum

Building a website isn’t like buying a printer. Few programmers or designers will give you a fixed cost because so many factors come into play – making planning and budgeting...more

Silhouette of businesswoman using computer

If a Blog Is Such a Slog, Should Your Business Even Bother?

In recent years, countless companies have jumped on the business blogging bandwagon, posting regularly as part of their larger content marketing strategy. But as blogger and blog-book author, Aaron Orendorff...more

Content Creativity Digital Graphic Layout Webdesign Webpage Concept

How Inspired Web Page Design Inspires More Conversions

A strong web presence comprises numerous marketing channels, from social media and pay-per-click ads to your YouTube library and, of course, your website. One of today’s hottest online marketing topics...more

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