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3 Ways to Make Your Search Engine Results More Clickable

Typing a search term into Google returns thousands of search engine results pages or SERPs. Ranking highly in the SERPS is obviously good. But as integrated marketers know, high placement...more

search marketing metrics

3 User Metrics to Help Guide Your Search Marketing Strategy

Search-marketing has a lot of moving parts. But ultimately, success is measured by one thing: the quality of the user experience. Giving searchers timely, useful, relevant information–in a format they...more

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5 Design Tips for Improving PPC Landing Page Conversions

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in on the upswing in many companies, as integrated marketers become more comfortable with the practice and more convinced of its payback potential. Of course, attracting clicks,...more

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How To Write More Effective PPC Search Ads

Those little text ads that show up in your search results look deceptively simple. But success of your paid PPC search campaign is riding on a few well-chosen words. Take...more

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SuperBall or SuperGlue: Which Describes Your Website Visitors?

One thing kids love most about the springy rubber orb is its inherent unpredictability. Once thrown, a SuperBall™ will immediately bounce away, careening willy nilly, this way or that. But...more

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The ABCs of PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

Quality content is not always enough to make your business stand out online. That’s why Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search advertising has become a standard tool in the integrated marketing toolkit as...more

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How Call-Only Ads Can Make Cash Registers Ring

Businesses that use pay-per-click marketing now have a powerful new tool at their disposal: Google’s Call-Only PPC ad format. Google introduced Call-Only ads earlier this year after calculating that some...more


Enlist Your Content Commandos to Win the Battle for Relevance

They’re probably hunkered down right now, devising strategy and tactics, and plotting their next offensive. Your mission: walk down the hall and commission them into marketing. We’re talking about your...more


How Your Site Can Earn Google’s Mobile Friendly Label

Starting April 21, 2015, responsive, mobile-friendly websites will rank higher in the search results than those that serve up desktop-formatted content to smartphones and tablets, according to recent surprising announcement...more


Local Search: Did Google Pigeon Soil the SERPs?

What concerns you most when pigeons fly overhead? Exactly. It’s the same worry marketers have about Google’s latest update for local search, dubbed Pigeon by SEO authority SearchEngineLand. In case...more

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