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After the Responsive Website: Mobile-First Marketing

In late 2016, we officially passed the mobile tipping point. The greatest share of digital media consumption now occurs on mobile devices, making mobile integral to any marketing strategy. Smart...more

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Five Tips for Enhancing Mobile Engagement

Clearly we’re all spending more time on our phones these days. How much time? Well, someone at Digital Trends, actually took the time to tally up all the minutes people spend...more

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5 New Mobile Marketing Frontiers

As we’ve discussed previously, forecasts indicate that mobile marketing will dominate 2017. Research firm BIA/Kelsey’s recently-published analysts report shows mobile ad spend topping $40B this year, and more than $65B...more

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4 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2017

It’s the start of 2017 and our collective global love affair with smartphones for research, shopping, personal assistant capabilities, and thousands of other applications has placed mobile marketing at the...more

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Targeted, Timely and Tailored: Location-Based Mobile Marketing

Location-based marketing (LBM) is fast gaining recognition as a powerful way to build engagement with users on their mobile devices. Integrated marketers deliver real-time, relevant content triggered by a user’s...more

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Saving Your Time and Sanity: There’s A Mobile App For That!

Maybe you’re not sure that creating an app is right for your business, but as an integrated marketer, using apps is essential to your success. Apps are about much more...more

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Delivering the Human Touch through Mobile Devices

Mobile technology has changed social communication, allowing for richer experiences through personalization—from custom themes, fonts and apps, to animated emojis and eye-catching gifs. But can consumers have a genuinely human...more

The Reasons for Optimizing Mobile Email are Getting Harder to Ignore

Statistics from virtually every relevant category strongly suggest that email marketing is alive and well–thriving, actually. And nobody has to tell you what’s happening with mobile. So it’s little wonder...more

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Five Easy Tips For Finding Your Instagram Audience

You’ve already missed your window of opportunity to be an early adopter for Instagram. The app now boasts 400 million monthly active users sharing 80 million+ photos per day. But...more

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Should Your Small Business Have a Mobile App?

Masterful marketing or miserable money hole? In truth, developing your own branded mobile app may be a little of both. On the plus side, a simple, well-designed app can make...more

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