lead nuturing

Four Tips to Make Lead Nurturing Second Nature

Implementing lead nurturing in your marketing is a bit like being a Sherpa on Mount Everest: your job is to anticipate every potential obstacle in the customer journey, and provide...more

geo targeting

Hitting Your Geo Target: A Four-Point Checklist

As with archery, geo-targeting is more complex than one might first assume. After all, anyone can pick up a bow and arrow, but the likelihood of hitting the gold (center...more

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  • April 13, 2017
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Four Fatal Grammar Errors That Can Tank Your Direct Marketing (And How to Fix Them)

Even with a killer list and great creative, your direct marketing doesn’t stand a chance if its it’s riddled with more glaring grammar errors then than you’re your kid’s 2nd...more

How These 3 P’s Can Add Pop To Your Email Strategy

Still harboring doubts about email marketing’s effectiveness? You shouldn’t be. Even in in today’s complex digital environment, this tried-and-true tactic has proven its marketing mettle: Email generates more revenue than...more

email marketing voyage

Take Your Customers on a Fantastic (Email Marketing) Voyage

If you’re an integrated marketer working for a small business, you wear many hats and manage a host of duties—but you’ve probably never thought of “tour guide” as one of...more

Direct Mail + Digital: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

Despite grumblings and frenzied articles to the contrary, direct mail remains a key integrated marketing tactic. In fact, its integration with digital marketing has nearly guaranteed that direct mail will...more


The Data Dilemma: Four Ways to Email Smarter

Deciding what’s for dinner is a good use of gut instinct. Deciding how to market to customers is not. Yet only 11 percent of FORTUNE 1000 integrated marketers who responded...more

Business woman thinking on the blackboard

Influencer Outreach: A Formula for Success

Today’s consumers–especially the coveted millennial demographic–value experience and authenticity over advertising. While only 1% of millennials are persuaded by advertising, 33% look to trusted online personalities for purchasing guidance. The...more

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Avoid These 4 Gotchas to Keep Email Deliverability High

Integrated marketers revel in the power, ease and convenience of today’s high-flying email-marketing platforms. Customization and capabilities, including data analytics, have never been better or more accessible. Why, then, have...more

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New Informed-Delivery Puts Direct Mail’s Power Into Digital Channels

Most SMBs use some type of direct mail in their integrated marketing campaigns. From simple sales letters and two-sided postcards, to interactive and three-dimensional pieces, direct mail offers marketers an...more

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