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Marketing Big Data: What Do You Really Need to Know?

Big data is big business (and getting bigger). It is also necessary for integrated marketers who want to understand campaign and business performance in order to make knowledgeable, informed decisions....more

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3 Ways Machine Learning Can Deepen Customer Connections

We’ve looked, time and again, at the benefits of targeting audience demographics – but what if you could go even deeper and target the individuals that comprise the larger group?...more

7 Ways Free Survey Tools Help Grow Your Business

Data, data everywhere. But how much of it do you use, really? If you’re like most small business marketers, the answer is probably “not much”–quickly followed by “because I’m way...more

3 Win-Win Ways to Leverage Customer Data

We’re big proponents of empowering small-business integrated marketers to better compete with larger, deeper-pocketed rivals. One strategy we believe to be particularly effective is better leveraging of in-house customer data,...more

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5 Cheap Cheats for Killing It with Social Data

SMBs don’t have to spend a fortune or employ a data scientist to master social media data. In fact you may already have everything you need to glean a wealth...more

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You’re Already Using Data, You Just May Not Know It

Maybe you don’t think you have the time or capacity to sort through Big Data and apply it to your integrated marketing efforts. The amount of available information can be...more

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Data-Driven Marketing: Getting Beyond the ‘Shoulds’

As an integrated marketer, you know that there is no shortage of demands for more data—but to what end? A recent article on Target Marketing posits that one of the...more


The Data Dilemma: Four Ways to Email Smarter

Deciding what’s for dinner is a good use of gut instinct. Deciding how to market to customers is not. Yet only 11 percent of FORTUNE 1000 integrated marketers who responded...more

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Using Data to Make Video Marketing More Powerful and Relevant

If you’re on the fence about adding video content to your marketing mix, it’s time to scurry over to where the grass is much, much greener: 46% of viewers take...more

How “Little Data” Gives SMBs More Actionable Customer Insight

Sick of hearing about Big Data? Many integrated marketers are. That’s because mining Big Data calls for Big Dollar platforms and special expertise today’s smaller firms often can’t afford. But...more

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