Seven Steps to Stronger Video Scripts

Producing videos in-house?  Then you probably know the importance of having a decent camera and microphone, how to optimize your videos, and how to prevent “floating head syndrome.” But do...more

creative design agency

Five Signs You Need Creative Design Help

As great creative design software and DIY web and social apps become more accessible to integrated markers, more of you are taking the opportunity to create great-looking websites and design...more

packaging design

How to Design Packaging That Tells Your Product’s Story

Today’s integrated marketers know their products’ success depends on telling impactful stories that deepen customer connections.  The visual and tactile elements around which your SMB builds its stories either elevate...more

6 Graphic Design Trends To Inspire Your Visual Toolkit

Is your company’s graphic design due for a refresh? The explosion of mobile device searching, shopping, and sharing makes regular graphics updates more important than ever. To acquire and retain...more


3 Tips for Maximizing a Copywriter’s Creativity and Output

Copywriting has been simply described as the art and science of using words to move people to take action – call, click, buy, download, subscribe, and so on. Copy and...more

Photographer using laptop computer

Visual Language: 5 Effects Relevant Imagery Has on Marketing

Of all the elements graphic designers use to connect with audiences and convey brand personality, imagery—the photos, illustrations, infographics, and more that speak to audiences without saying a word—is arguably...more

Hearing impaired man working with laptop and mobile phone at home or office

Caption Your Videos to Connect with Hearing Impaired Consumers

Nearly 90 percent of companies polled in a recent Ascend2 marketing report say that their video marketing is more effective than ever. Yet, how many businesses these days are captioning...more

Flipping A Stack of Money

The Small-Business Website Cost Conundrum

Building a website isn’t like buying a printer. Few programmers or designers will give you a fixed cost because so many factors come into play – making planning and budgeting...more

busy businessman

Retire Your Spokesperson: Hire an Animated Character Instead

What do Tony the Tiger, the Geico gecko and Cola-swigging polar bears have in common? All are almost-real-as-life creatives that tell a brand story like no other device can. “Animation...more

Content Creativity Digital Graphic Layout Webdesign Webpage Concept

How Inspired Web Page Design Inspires More Conversions

A strong web presence comprises numerous marketing channels, from social media and pay-per-click ads to your YouTube library and, of course, your website. One of today’s hottest online marketing topics...more

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