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Beat Idea Fatigue with These 4 Easy Video Marketing Tips

If recent research is accurate, video marketing is hotter than anyone is letting on. For example, 96 percent of the 350 B2B integrated marketers and others polled say they currently...more

Five Best Practices for Leveraging Video on Facebook

It wasn’t long ago that video marketing required a significant investment for small and medium-sized business. But many of the barriers that formerly held integrated marketers back from fully embracing...more

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Do You Have the Killer Instinct to Compete in Video?

A 2015 report from Syndacast found that 74% of all internet traffic by 2017 will be video, and 52% of marketing professionals find video is the tactic with the best...more

Putting a Toe in the Live Video Stream With Periscope

2016 is shaping up to be the Year of Live Streaming. Of course, integrated marketers are already familiar with the increasing popularity of video. To reinforce the point for those...more

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Using Data to Make Video Marketing More Powerful and Relevant

If you’re on the fence about adding video content to your marketing mix, it’s time to scurry over to where the grass is much, much greener: 46% of viewers take...more

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Is The Bloom Off The Vine?

Andy Warhol once memorably said that everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes in the future. Since then, that timeframe has been shortened considerably when it comes to video. Instagram...more

Readers Get the Best of Both Worlds with Interactive Video Brochures

Integrated marketers know this perplexing paradigm: consumer attention spans are shrinking, while the number of channels vying for consideration is growing. Thus, breaking through the noise and out-marketing rivals requires...more

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3 Ways to Supercharge Conversions from Landing Page Video

As integrated marketers well know, lame landing pages usually struggle to convert. Of course, landing pages are those pages that are set apart and navigationally isolated from your main website,...more

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Using Facebook Live Video For Business, Without Buying Any New Gear

Maybe you’ve already tried a Google hangout, or dipped your toe in the live-video pool with Periscope or Meerkat. Now that Facebook has launched its own live-video application, there’s really...more


Top Video Marketing Predictions for 2016

Video marketing was muy caliente in 2015. Around mid-year, YouTube reported that users were posting 400 hours of video per minute to its online platform, while in the fall, Facebook...more

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