video and email marketing

Video and Email: Two Excellent Tactics That Go Great Together

Remember those old, “Hey, you got your chocolate in my peanut butter!” commercials? Video-enhanced email marketing is having one of those moments as integrated marketers realize how much more impactful...more


4 Ways Introverts Can Be More Comfortable On Camera

Lights! Camera! Gulp…?! Despite having vision, imagination and other business-essential traits, not all integrated marketers or business owners are outgoing, life-of-the-party types. In fact, unless forced out of their shells...more


Seven Steps to Stronger Video Scripts

Producing videos in-house?  Then you probably know the importance of having a decent camera and microphone, how to optimize your videos, and how to prevent “floating head syndrome.” But do...more

calls to action

Calls to Action That Will Make Your Audience Click, Convert, and Come Back For More

As an integrated marketer, you’re a master of words who can conjugate like nobody’s business and you probably know a thousand ways to say “quality.” Well, forgot about them. Effective...more

buying a mattress

How a Disruptive Brand Strategy Turned Casper into a $500M Business

Mattress buying has always been a little weird, right? In the middle of the day, you plop down on a dozen different mattresses, each one hardly different from the last,...more


Find & Fix Floundering Web Content with the Latest Heat-Mapping Tools

In moments of retrospection, integrated marketers will invariably ask: how is my web content really performing? Are people reading and engaging with it? Or am I missing the mark and...more

Businesswoman leaning on dry-erase board

Beat Idea Fatigue with These 4 Easy Video Marketing Tips

If recent research is accurate, video marketing is hotter than anyone is letting on. For example, 96 percent of the 350 B2B integrated marketers and others polled say they currently...more

Linear concept of media service

Why Your Business Needs A Content Management System

Integrated marketers hear it over and over: content is king – meaning, relevant, targeted, quality content is a vital part of your business strategy. So if content is king, then...more

Five Best Practices for Leveraging Video on Facebook

It wasn’t long ago that video marketing required a significant investment for small and medium-sized business. But many of the barriers that formerly held integrated marketers back from fully embracing...more

binge content

The Value of Binge-able Content, and 5 Ways You Can Create It

As Kevin Spacey famously observed, “give people what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it in, at a reasonable price, and they’ll more likely pay...more

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