The Best Video Walls Blend Art and Information

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To stand out in a crowded retail field and make a truly unforgettable statement, many integrated marketers are turning to splashy, flashy video walls. And with the technology and price becoming accessible for small businesses, establishments ranging from clothing boutiques to restaurants are putting them to use.

Video walls aren’t just fancy in-store signage: the trick to better ROI is to take advantage of all this unique medium has to offer.

Make the Most of Your Space

Think of a video wall as a cost-effective way to expand or completely re-do your retail space. “Video walls can redefine interior spaces and offer a new, dynamic way of delivering

Informative and artistic content,” says Render Impact’s operations manager Todd Rickenbach. Take a look at how Motor City Hotel in Detroit used a video wall to create a dramatic, lush waterfall.

A Powerful Positioning Tool

The use of art can send a strong message about your brand. Microsoft’s NY flagship store features a 40-foot tall “culture wall” that showcases the work of non-commercial, local artists. In addition to attracting attention, a video wall can use art to build community and communicate your brand values.

Information, Please

A video wall is also the perfect place to display marketing messages and short (30 seconds or less) presentations, similar to a commercial. And since you don’t have to be tied down to content, video walls can also include directional/wayfinding information and data communications.

Make It Move

Without motion, a video wall isn’t any different than a static sign. While it’s great to have specially created content like custom animation or motion graphics, integrated marketers can use assets like logos, images, and video to create attention-piquing loops.

Put Your Data to Work

Another advantage of videos walls versus static signage is integrated marketers can use their data to tailor the presentation to the audience—for example, say you attract a specific demographic during a particular part of the day: program your display to run content geared to that audience.

Get the Most Out of Your Signage

While video walls deliver high-impact marketing, they aren’t right for every business. But what IS right for every business is using signage to boost your brand and captivate your audience’s attention. Learn more about getting the most out of your signage opportunities.

Last modified: September 21, 2017

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