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Doritos Crashes One Last Time

Crowdsourcing was a brand new buzzword back in 2006. That’s when Doritos first launched its “Crash The Super Bowl” campaign to encourage consumers to create and submit their own original

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Data Management

Businessman shouting into the phone at office

Are Bad Phone Numbers Holding Back Sales?

The key to making data actionable may just be a phone call away. In the third annual B2B Marketing Data Benchmark Report from Dun &...more

Web Presence

Young Man Using Computer in Library

Web Presence: the Latest Trust-Busting Turnoffs

Ask any integrated marketer: when trying to engage visitors, trust is a must. The cornerstone of every customer interaction. Without trust, engagement (if it happens...more

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Hearing impaired man working with laptop and mobile phone at home or office

Caption Your Videos to Connect with Hearing Impaired Consumers

Nearly 90 percent of companies polled in a recent Ascend2 marketing report say that their video marketing is more effective than ever. Yet, how many...more


Where Mobile Marketing Is Headed

Growth in the U.S. mobile phone market is starting to slow down considerably. According to eMarketer, “Non-voice time spent on tablets and mobile phones will...more


Is Clickable Paper’s Story Waiting to be Written?

When is a mailer not just a mailer? When it’s printed on clickable paper, of course. Clickable Paper™ (CP) is a cloud-based, cross-media printing technology...more

Handsome man sitting next to different sketches

How To Write More Effective PPC Search Ads

Those little text ads that show up in your search results look deceptively simple. But success of your paid PPC search campaign is riding on...more

Christmas decorations

WestJet’s ‘Christmas Miracle’: Takeaways from a Timeless Holiday Classic

Whether you tickle their funny bone or tug at their hearts, skirting ad-weary customers’ defenses and touching them in a truly human way creates a...more

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