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Ecommerce Wholesaler Recovers from Poor Integrated Marketing ROI, an ecommerce wholesaler, faced a problem shared by many integrated marketers: large advertising spends and no way of tracking what worked, as this MarketingSherpa case study explored. The Challenge

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Data Management

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4 Ways Start-Ups and Non-Profits Can Be More Data Driven

It’s not that small and resource-constrained organizations don’t know they need data-driven insights to grow and prosper. They most certainly do. But as integrated marketers...more


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Hamburger Menus, Cinemagraphs and Other 2016 Web Design Trends

The New Year is here, along with fresh prognostications about trends and techniques that will shape the look, performance and response of websites in the...more

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Your Guide to a Better Email List Strategy

What are the most significant barriers to the success of an email list strategy – and how are integrated marketers overcoming them? That’s the question...more


What’s Popular in Promo Products

The two leading trade shows for promotional products, the ASI Show and PPAI Expo, concluded earlier this month. But rather than try to predict what...more


How to Create an Employee Communications Strategy

Ask integrated marketers to name their most-important stakeholder and they usually mention customers. It makes sense: After all, no company stays in business without them....more

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Why Direct Mail Gets Opened More Than Email

Do friends and relatives still send your holiday card by mail? Or do they instead dash off an email, or post a message on Facebook...more

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Surprise! Social Media Marketing Isn’t the Black Hole Your Boss Thinks It Is

Social media marketing is a giant time-suck, whose benefits and impact are nebulous and nearly impossible to measure, right? Not according to the 2015 Social...more

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