5 Event Apps for Instant Lead Connection

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Tradeshows are an integrated marketer’s single largest budget line item, accounting for up to 40% of your budget. With that in mind, you cannot afford to lose a single lead! With today’s robust lead management apps, you can communicate instantly, even while the leads are still in your booth.

We’ve looked before at how convention apps are now a must for engaging a prospect, and how the advent of tablet kiosks and portable tablet use in the booth allows prospects to engage directly with your content as never before.

The following five companies offer lead capture applications like those previously referenced that can immediately send leads the information most relevant to their pain points—and much more.


Features: Generate questionnaires with a user-friendly interface and in-app tutorials to help you build them. Includes auto-reply email and lead scoring functionalities. Works with or without internet and integrates with an impressive list of email marketing solutions, CRMs, and automation systems. This is a great option if your business does enough events each year to justify the monthly cost.

Platforms: iPad, Android tablets, Kindle Fire, or Microsoft tablets.

Pricing: Standard B2B plans run $349 per month for 10 licenses. There is a lower tier model for those who attend only a few events each year, and an Enterprise model for up to 2,500 devices.


Features: Support integrated marketers through all planning phases, utilize email templates, card scanner capabilities, meeting scheduling, an analytics dashboard, and more. Collect prospect information and send instant follow-up emails from the booth. Digitize and upload marketing collateral to the cloud for easy distribution to visitors.

Platforms: Android and web-based devices.

Pricing: Single event use of the app is $349. Custom pricing depends on the number of events your business exhibits at each year. There is a free option with limited features, not including email.


Features: Conduct surveys, send emails, and share brochures, websites, and videos with leads while they are in your booth, with or without internet. Qualify and score leads, monitor trends, capture contact details, and run analytics. Integrates with CRM, email, and automation partners; there is also an API for exporting data.

Platforms: iPad, iPhone, or any iOS or Android device.

Pricing: Plans start at $19 per month for a basic version, up to $99 per month for full functionality. The $99 package includes one device license, with additional licenses available at $29 per month.

X•Press Connect

Features: Functions as a traditional lead retrieval device and more including automatic email follow-up, appointment scheduling, VIP identification, badge scanning, and lead insights. Conduct surveys to qualify and score leads, connect to your database in real-time, work on- or offline.

Platforms: App is supported on most browsers, iOS and Android devices.

Pricing: Pricing is by request, and a separate license is required for each event.


Features: Offers customizable questionnaires, lead capture and retrieval functions, offline capabilities, and live reporting. Includes badge scanning, card reading, integration with marketing automation systems, and the ability to send immediate follow-up emails with materials attached.

Platforms: Currently only available on iOS devices.

Pricing: Monthly pricing is based on the number of required licenses. Introductory plans begin at $380 per month for five licenses.

Last modified: September 21, 2017

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