3 Amazing Event Marketing Experiences That Will Inspire You

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When an Event is More Than an Event

When planning for a tradeshow or event, integrated marketers often look at a couple of small (but mighty!) ways they can impact/improve booth performance: killer signage, geo-fencing, even a total booth refurb. Some companies, have taken the idea of shaking things up and doubled down, implementing uniquely creative show floor tactics for an unparalleled visitor experience.

Someone once said, “People don’t share ‘meh,’ they share awesome experiences.” Below are three awesome experiences that will get you thinking about what kind of experience you can generate at your next event.

Sweet on You
Global Experience Specialists (GES) took the humble jelly bean to new levels when they translated key business attributes into flavor combinations of the sweet snack. Pre-show messaging invited attendees to visit the booth to ‘get a taste’ of GES. On site they distributed samples and recipe cards detailing the combination of jelly beans required to create each flavor. GES also encouraged attendees to create their own recipes and guess the number of jelly beans in a jar. They distributed small custom tins of jelly beans to each visitor. Post-show messaging shared some of the more inventive recipes concocted at the booth, as well as recent GES projects.

Stuck on You
Post-its helped H.B. Stubbs Co. get their message across with a small but impactful exhibit. Knowing that their 200-sq. ft. booth could be easily dwarfed by larger exhibits, they developed an intriguing design that would reveal a surprise by show’s end. The entire back wall was covered in 1,200 multi-colored post-its, each featuring a word such as “help,” “trust,” or “continuity.” Visitors were encouraged to remove three words from the wall, giving staffers an opening for friendly conversation, and gradually revealing the image underneath. Attendees were encouraged to come back at the end of the show for the big reveal.

Don’t Write Me Off
Best Booth Draw, Ever has introduced possibly one of the most creative in-booth experiences for their clients with biometric graphology…a.k.a. handwriting analysis. Guests are invited to write out the exhibiting company’s core marketing message (see what they did there?), and the sample is uploaded to servers for analysis. Visitors receive custom personality reports based on the sample submitted, but the catch is that they have to come back later to get it. This win-win gives staff two opportunities to engage with the attendee, and the attendee leaves with some new insights into his/her own personality—not to mention that it will blow your average booth giveaway out of the water.

So, integrated marketers, what awesome experience will you next bring your tradeshow visitors? While the pressure is on to create an experience instead of just an exhibit, what that looks like is completely up to you—think outside the (metaphorical) booth and keep in mind two central concepts: how to tie the experience back to your product/service, and how to engage visitors.

Last modified: September 21, 2017

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