Data Management

How “Little Data” Gives SMBs More Actionable Customer Insight

Sick of hearing about Big Data? Many integrated marketers are. That’s because mining Big Data calls for Big Dollar platforms and special expertise today’s smaller firms often can’t afford. But

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Direct Marketing

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New Informed-Delivery Puts Direct Mail’s Power Into Digital Channels

Most SMBs use some type of direct mail in their integrated marketing campaigns. From simple sales letters and two-sided postcards, to interactive and three-dimensional pieces,...more

Social Media

3 Powerful Reasons to Embrace Social Media as a Customer Service Platf...

Integrated marketers take note: In 2014 alone, nearly 840 million customers took to social media platforms like Facebook to relate a negative brand experience. So...more

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Five Easy Tips For Finding Your Instagram Audience

You’ve already missed your window of opportunity to be an early adopter for Instagram. The app now boasts 400 million monthly active users sharing 80...more

Readers Get the Best of Both Worlds with Interactive Video Brochures

Integrated marketers know this perplexing paradigm: consumer attention spans are shrinking, while the number of channels vying for consideration is growing. Thus, breaking through the...more

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How User-Generated Content Can Kickstart E-Commerce Sales

It’s time to start mobilizing, and monetizing, all those Tweets, photos, reviews, and blog posts from your happy customers—all of this is what’s known as...more

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Why Big Data Is Just Going To Get Bigger

The use of data analytics and data mining have come a long way in integrated marketing. But “we’ve hardly skimmed the surface,” says Neudesic, a...more

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Should Your Small Business Have a Mobile App?

Masterful marketing or miserable money hole? In truth, developing your own branded mobile app may be a little of both. On the plus side, a...more

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