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Businesswoman Looking up at Camera and Standing Outdoors Surrounded by a Large Group of Business People

3 Ways to Pump More Personality Into Your Company’s Content

Ever found someone so relatable, so fun or so engaging that you just couldn’t wait to hear what they’d say next? Maybe their unique perspective ignited your interest or inspired

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Marketing Strategy

Watch Out

Tread Lightly When Using Humor in Your Marketing and Advertising

In advertising, there’s one debate that rages eternal: does funny actually sell? Some integrated marketers insist, yes, funny breaks through the clutter and helps customers...more


digital signage

Tips for Using Digital Signage to Engage, Entice, Educate

Updating your signage strategy could be good for business. By updating, we mean objectively assessing the types of signage in your mix to see whether...more

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video marketing

Do You Have the Killer Instinct to Compete in Video?

A 2015 report from Syndacast found that 74% of all internet traffic by 2017 will be video, and 52% of marketing professionals find video is...more

mobile marketing

Delivering the Human Touch through Mobile Devices

Mobile technology has changed social communication, allowing for richer experiences through personalization—from custom themes, fonts and apps, to animated emojis and eye-catching gifs. But can...more

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The Five Types of Signage No Retailer Should Be Without

Even as advertising and marketing increasingly goes digital, some things may always be analog, like signage for your business. And physical signage is arguably even...more

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You’re Already Using Data, You Just May Not Know It

Maybe you don’t think you have the time or capacity to sort through Big Data and apply it to your integrated marketing efforts. The amount...more

Turn Your Marketing Into An 800-Pound Guerilla

One of the biggest challenges integrated marketers face is how to stand out in a crowded field and make people take note of your message....more

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